How about old mine cut sapphires? MMR

How about old mine cut sapphires?

Old Mine Cut Sapphire refers to sapphires processed through old mine cutting methods. Compared with other modern cutting methods, old mine cut sapphires have the following characteristics:
old mine cut sapphire
Cutting structure: Old mine-cut sapphires usually have a rough cut structure, with a large number of facets and irregular shapes. This facet design allows the sapphire to reveal its unique internal color and texture, highlighting its natural beauty.

Shape and Symmetry: The shape of old mine-cut sapphires is usually slightly irregular, similar to the shape of the original stone, giving it a unique appearance. Due to limitations in production technology, its symmetry may be relatively low and exhibit individual characteristics.

Optical effect: The optical effect of old mine-cut sapphire is softer, exuding a warm and charming light. Because of the many and rough facets, its light refraction is not as bright as modern cuts, but it does reveal exquisite internal color and fire.

Old mine cut sapphires represent heritage and age-old charm. This type of cutting was more common in the past, but has been replaced by more modern cutting methods. Therefore, the scarcity and uniqueness of old mine-cut sapphires make them highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

It is important to note that old mine-cut sapphires may not be as precise and symmetrical as modern-cut sapphires, but it is this imperfect appearance that gives them unparalleled historical value and fascinating individual characteristics. Choose old mine cut sapphires and you will enjoy a unique and precious jewelry experience.