What is an old European cut diamond?

Old European cut diamonds are a diamond cutting method that originated from the late 18th to early 19th centuries. Diamond cutting technology at that time was not precise enough, so there was a clear difference between old European cut diamonds and modern cut diamonds.
The cutting characteristics of old European cut diamonds are: fewer facets, thicker scales, and symmetry on all four sides. They usually have a relatively large and deep table with a tall crown. Old European cut diamonds focus on showing the natural texture and color inside the diamond, highlighting the original charm of the diamond. The presence of these textures and inclusions also makes each Old European cut diamond unique and special. Due to the difference in cut structure, the brilliance effect produced by old European cut diamonds when reflecting and refracting light is different from that of modern cut diamonds. They show more of a soft, warm and sparkling light, creating a dreamlike effect. atmosphere.

Old European cut diamonds have attracted much attention in the jewelry market because of their unique historical background and appearance characteristics. They are considered a rare and collectible gem selection. Compared with modern cut diamonds, old European cut diamonds are produced in smaller quantities and therefore are in short supply in the market and tend to command higher prices. Collectors and Diamond Enthusiasts Old European cut diamonds are a treasured choice for those seeking elegance and unique beauty.

When purchasing old European cut diamonds you need to be careful to ensure that the diamond is professionally certified and comes with a detailed gemstone certificate to verify its authenticity and quality. In addition, when buying diamonds, it is best to observe them in person to understand their appearance characteristics, internal texture and personal preferences, and purchase from trustworthy channels.

All in all, old European cut diamonds have a certain value in the market due to their unique cutting style and charming appearance characteristics. They are a gemstone selection with historical heritage and personal charm, bringing a unique collecting and wearing experience to jewelry lovers.


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