Fiorese Review MMR

Fiorese Review

  1. 12/18 Reached out to Sonia as well as many other vendors to see about a lab grown diamond. Wanted between 2-2.5 carats initially but that size was hard to come by so I said I could go bigger if necessary. A few vendors presented me with reasonably priced options (one in particular almost too good to pass up) but Sonia showed me 2 absolutely stunning diamonds, a 2.92E VS1 and 3.17ct G VS1. After some deliberation and a bit of negotiation, we settled on a price and that I would go for the 2.92. Sonia made the invoice up for me and I paid the next morning.

  2. 12/19 paid this morning and then Sonia replied to me in the evening (morning her time) and gave me the unfortunate news that while I had been deliberating the 2.92 had sold to someone else (she was about to grab it for the designer so they could make the CAD). She offered the 3.17 at no additional cost, and after a few more stone check videos I agreed. It was very generous of Fiorese to do this without an extra expected cost.

  3. 12/26 Sonia reached out to me with pictures of my finished ring! I couldn’t believe how fast that was. There were 14 pre-shipment pics. She asked for my address and told me she’d send a tracking number the next day.

  4. 12/27 Sonia followed up with a DHL tracking number.

  5. 1/4 the ring arrived to me. (Canada). It came with its IGI lab diamond certificate as well.

Initial impressions are that the ring is very well made. The quality is clearly there. The stone is absolutely stunning. One thing I’m not super happy about though is the setting is much higher that I had hoped, despite giving clear reference pictures and specifying that I wanted it to be low profile. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s a larger stone and not possible to get it as low, but it sits much higher than expected. I don’t know if I will live with it or fix it, but it’s unfortunate. I would give Fiorese an 8/10 otherwise because everything else was great but I’m kind of disappointed about the setting. That being said, you take a chance when buying overseas instead of in person. The price was very good, even though the setting isn’t how I had hoped.


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