Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Design Features


1 Shape and Cut of Oval Diamonds
Oval diamonds are a common diamond shape that have an elegant appearance and streamlined silhouette. Oval diamonds are usually cut in oval or oval variations. This cutting method is designed to retain the original weight of the diamond to the greatest extent, and ensures perfect transmission and reflection of light through reasonable cutting angles and proportions, showing the beautiful light of the diamond.

2 Size and proportions of oval diamonds
When choosing an oval diamond, size and proportion are factors that must be considered. The length-to-width ratio of oval-shaped diamonds is usually between 1.3 and 1.5, which can make the diamond look more balanced and harmonious. It is also important to choose an oval diamond that fits the size of your finger to ensure the overall proportion and comfort of the ring.

3 The brilliance and fire of oval diamonds
The brilliance and fire of an oval diamond are some of the most striking features of its design. Brilliance refers to the white light reflected by a diamond, while fire refers to the colored light reflected by a diamond. The production of these two effects depends on the cutting process of the diamond and the internal structure of the diamond. Exquisite cutting technology and high-quality internal structure can make oval diamonds display bright, balanced and clear brilliance and beautiful fire, bringing endless surprise and pleasure to people.

Oval diamond engagement rings, with their classic and stylish designs, have become the dream of many couples. Its unique shape and outstanding brilliance not only demonstrate the exquisite craftsmanship of jewelry, but also carry the deep emotions between lovers.



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