My dream pear diamond, finally NO BOWTIE


Huge thanks to u/ashpaynton and Matthew at Fiorese!!! I have always been bothered by the bowtie on my pear diamond. Since then I've worked with 3 different diamond selecting services, trying to find a pear with no bowtie, and never succeeded. Eventually I came to realize I not only dislike the darkness of the bowtie, I also dislike the chunkiness of the facets in the middle of a pear.

Finally, I discovered the crushed ice cut design! This design is not only impervious to the bowtie effect, but it's pure crushed ice sparkle from top to bottom. I know this design is not for everyone (some people really like the fire of the chunkier facets), but for me this cut is a dream come true! Just look at the difference!

Fiorese actually stocks this crushed ice cut (which I had previously only seen in colored diamonds). I was about ready to have someone custom cut me one.

Can't wait to get this new stone set! 4.40ct, E, VS1, 1.55 ratio



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Fiorese! It’s my newest RHR MMR

Fiorese! It’s my newest RHR


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New ring from Fiorese!