Green Emeralds

Emerald is one of the precious gemstones recognized by the international jewelry industry. Because of its unique green color and unique quality, as well as magical legends, it is favored by the public.

Emeralds are gem-quality green beryl. Its green to achieve a medium to rich green tone, that is, the color concentration should be more saturated. Light green is usually called green beryl.

Emeralds symbolize kindness, confidence, kindness, eternity, luck and happiness, and wearing it will bring a lifetime of peace. It is also a commemorative stone for the 55th wedding anniversary.

Purchase Notes:
  • When buying emerald jewelry, the choice of color is the first. Medium-dark emerald green is the most valuable, too dark or too light will affect the value of jewelry.
  • Whether the emerald green is crystal clear or not depends not only on the color of the gemstone, but also on the transparency and blemishes of the gemstone. Usually medium quality emeralds will have some batting-like wrapping to some extent. As long as the flaws do not seriously affect the beauty of the gemstone, the price can still be considered.
  • Emeralds are easily brittle, so when purchasing jewelry, you should check whether the gemstone has obvious cracks. Cracks will affect the durability and value of the gemstone.
  • The identification of emeralds is difficult, so it is best to ask for an identification certificate when purchasing, which proves that it is a natural emerald and has not undergone color treatment.