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Emerald Cut Moissanite Half Eternity Band

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4*2mm emerald cut moissanite half eternity 18k band


This emerald cut moissanite half eternity band is a stunning piece of jewelry that's perfect for anyone who loves classic elegance with a modern twist.

The band features a row of sparkling emerald-cut moissanite stones, set in a high-quality precious metal band. Moissanite is a beautiful and ethical alternative to traditional diamonds, with a similar brilliance and fire.

The emerald cut of the stones creates a sleek and sophisticated look that's sure to turn heads. The half eternity style of the band means that the stones only go halfway around, adding a unique touch to the design. The band is smooth and polished, providing a comfortable fit for everyday wear.


Diamond Type Moissanite
Diamond Shape Emerald
Quantity 1
Min. Carat Weight 4*2mm*15
Average Color D-F
Average Clarity     VVS-VS