Ring Types

Solitaire Engagement Ring

        Elegant and simple in style, this is the core feature of a six-prong or four-prong setting inlaid with a diamond ring. As one of the most popular diamond engagement rings, there is a huge market space for solitaire rings. 30-point, 50-point, 1-carat diamond rings are relatively common weights on the market. Depending on the size of the diamond and the width of the ring, the overall appearance is very impressive and dazzling, making it the most eye-catching focus of the engagement ceremony.

Pavé Set Engagement Ring

       Set the entire band with very small diamonds for a very sparkling look. Its biggest feature is that each small diamond seems to be independent, but it is covered with the entire ring, closely connected, and fused together to present a very fiery color, shining on the fingertips, showing different styles from different angles.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

       The three-stone setting is usually composed of a central diamond and two side diamonds. The overall shape is better to highlight the size and brilliance of the central diamond. Round and princess cuts are the most popular center stone shapes for three-stone settings. Round diamonds Classic, princess-cut diamonds are soft and beautiful, no matter in terms of meaning or shape design, three-stone inlays have absolute advantages. Especially when buying the most popular customized brands on the market, adding the meaning of only true love, such as Leweis, it needs to be customized with real name, and only one person will be given in one lifetime. The romantic meaning perfectly fits the theme of the engagement ceremony.

Tension Set Engagement Ring

       The metal itself is used to fix the diamond, and the diamond is clamped by the metal ring holder in the air. The shape is elegant and chic, without losing the sense of fashion. The diamond ring of this style is more diamond-like, and can be refracted by light to a greater extent, and the light is bright.

Halo Set Engagement Ring

        This kind of setting is centered on a central gemstone, surrounded by smaller diamonds, to set off the main stone and create a feeling of stars holding the moon. As an engagement ring, this kind of ring can also express the cherishing feeling of holding the lover in the palm of the hand, and increase the overall fire of the diamond. It is a traditional and modern interpretation, and it is more beautiful.