Discover the evolution of the art of diamond cutting

The development of diamond cutting art reveals the evolution of human pursuit of beauty and aesthetic concepts. From the old mine cut of the 18th century to the modern brilliant cut, each cut reflects the characteristics of its era.
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Old Mine Cut, also known as Old Mine Cut, was the mainstream cutting method from the early 18th century to the late 19th century. The shape of this cut diamond is approximately square and has 58 facets. The culet is larger, the crown is higher, the facets below the girdle are shorter, and the girdle is very thin. Diamonds cut in this way have larger, more pronounced patches of color visible under the light, but they don’t sparkle as well as modern-cut diamonds.
Another historical cut that is often mentioned is the Old European cut, or Old European cut. Diamonds with this cut are round in shape, with a higher crown, greater overall depth, and a smaller culet. In the late 19th century, with the advancement of cutting technology, round diamonds became popular and cutting proportions were continuously improved. The old European cutting has gradually evolved into a new cutting style, which is called "transitional cutting".

However, as technology advances, so does the art of diamond cutting. The most common diamond cut in modern times is the round brilliant cut, known as the “ideal cut” and has become the industry standard. In addition, fancy cuts are also widely popular, and their variety and uniqueness make each diamond unique.

Although modern cutting methods surpass the old mine cut in sparkle and fire, the retro style of the old mine cut is still loved by some people and is commonly seen in antique jewelry and jewelry that imitates classical styles.

For those who prefer the style of an old mine cut but seek the brilliance and fire of a modern cut, a cushion cut diamond may be a good choice. This cut combines the retro style of an old mine cut with the sparkle of a brilliant cut, a perfect blend of cutting techniques from the past and present.

Whether it is old mine cutting, old European cutting, or modern cutting methods, they are all important parts of the art of diamond cutting. They each have their own characteristics and charm, and they all add unique beauty to diamonds, and also show us the rich diversity and infinite possibilities of the art of diamond cutting.


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