Diamond Shapes: Which One Looks the Biggest?

Diamond Shapes: Which One Looks the Biggest?

Buying an engagement ring is a beautiful investment that will be cherished by you or your loved one forever. In the diamond market, different shapes of diamonds can give very different visual impressions. Some diamond shapes, due to their cut, look larger than others. Choosing a diamond shape that appears larger can not only make your diamond look more dazzling but also save you some budget.

Popular Engagement Ring Shapes

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most classic choice, meticulously designed to reflect the most light. However, round is not the only option. Oval, pear, and emerald cut diamonds are also very popular in the market. These shapes, with their elongated profiles, can make fingers appear more slender.

Which Diamond Shape Looks the Biggest?

Diamond Shapes: Which One Looks the Biggest?

1ct marquise cut+1.5ct asscher cut all FG color VS clarity

Compared to other shapes of the same carat weight, marquise (navette) diamonds look the largest. Their long and pointed shape makes them visually striking. Following this are pear, oval, and emerald cut diamonds, which, due to their elongated proportions, look larger than round diamonds.

Oval cut diamonds are particularly popular because they give a larger visual impression without increasing the actual carat weight. Moreover, these diamond shapes, with their unique proportions, concentrate more weight at the top, making them appear larger.

How to Choose the Right Diamond Size?

Diamond Shapes: Which One Looks the Biggest?

The size of a diamond is not only determined by its carat weight but also closely related to its cut and shape. Although round brilliant cut diamonds appear dazzling due to their precise cut, other shapes like marquise, oval, and pear appear wider because of their unique cut. Choosing these shapes can provide a larger visual effect.

Additionally, on a limited budget, you can opt to lower the diamond's color and clarity grades, thereby allocating more budget to a higher carat weight while ensuring the cut is ideal or very good. This maximizes the diamond's visual impact without compromising too much on color and clarity.

Tips to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

  • Halo Setting: Surrounding the main stone with a circle of smaller diamonds can significantly increase the visual size of the main stone.
  • Fine Prong Setting: Choosing a fine prong setting can maximize the display of the diamond's surface area, making it look larger.
  • Thin Band: Opting for a thin band design makes the main stone appear more prominent.
  • Regular Cleaning: Keeping the diamond clean and shiny can make it look bigger and more dazzling.


When choosing the shape and size of a diamond, the most important thing is to make a decision based on personal preference and budget. Whether you choose a classic round diamond or a larger-appearing marquise or oval diamond, as long as it makes you feel satisfied and proud, it is the best choice. Through sensible choices and careful design, every diamond can become your eternal treasure.


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