Wedding Ring Selection Guide


Look at the look - wedding ring styles

        When couples choose a wedding ring, they should first check whether the surface of the wedding ring is smooth and clean, and then check whether the color of the wedding ring is consistent, whether there are scratches, water stains and other problems.
        Generally, the style of a diamond ring is determined by two aspects: one is the style of the ring setting, and the other is the matching diamonds, including the number, shape and type of diamonds. When it comes to shopping for a diamond ring, the solitaire diamond ring is the choice for most people because of its simple and elegant style, which is easy to match with any hand shape. In addition to the round shape, there are many special-shaped diamonds, such as heart-shaped, pear-shaped, teardrop-shaped, square, etc., but in terms of visual effect, round diamonds are larger than other shapes of diamonds, so the more popular styles of diamond rings nowadays are still Solitary round diamond. As for the types of diamonds, white diamonds are currently the most popular in the market, followed by colored diamonds such as yellow diamonds, black diamonds, and pink diamonds.


See the certificate - wedding ring quality

        When choosing a wedding ring, couples should look at the quality of the wedding ring, and the quality of a wedding ring can all be reflected in the certificate. The quality of the diamond on the wedding ring can be judged by the 4C grade of diamond, and the material of the ring setting can be clearly identified by marking: Generally speaking, in jewelry, S stands for silver, Au stands for gold, and Pt stands for platinum. It is best to buy a wedding ring with a GIA certificate, which is equivalent to the ID card of the wedding ring, which is very important.

Look at the size - wedding ring size

        Everyone's fingers are different in thickness, so there are sizes of rings, so when choosing a wedding ring, couples should check whether the size of the ring is suitable for their fingers, so as not to be unable to wear them at that time.Refer To Choose rings by hand type