Clarity judgment

   The diamond is mainly observed with a magnifying glass of ten times, and 11 grades are distinguished according to the inclusions of the diamond through the eyes of the appraiser. The most common inclusions are stray spots, clouds, feather-like cracks, etc. The inclusions mainly affect the refraction of light and are easy to block or deflect the light. In fact, the inclusions above Sl1 level are difficult to observe with the naked eye and do not constitute the naked eye. flaw. And as long as you choose Sl1 grade or above, even if there are subtle inclusions, only use almost white translucent color, and because of the good transparency, diamond brilliance will not be broken and scattered due to mottled or black inclusions, the same budget is used to buy Larger diamonds become better wearing options.

GIA clarity grading system is divided into the following grades
IF-Internally Flawless

VVS1-Very Very Slightly Included 1

VVS2-Very Very Slightly Included 2

VS1-Very Slightly Included 1

VS2-Very Slightly Included 2

SI1-Slightly Included 1

SI2-Slightly Included 2

I1-Included 1

I1-Included 2