Red Rubies

Ruby refers to corundum with a red color. It is a kind of corundum, and its main component is (Al₂O₃). Red comes from (Cr), mainly Cr2O3, the content is generally 0.1~3%, and the highest is 4%. Corundum containing Fe and Ti and showing blue color is called sapphire.

The hot red color of ruby makes people always associate it with passion and love. It is known as the "stone of love", which symbolizes passion like fire, the beauty, eternity and constancy of love. Ruby is the birthstone for July. Ruby of different colors, from different countries, also means auspiciousness. Red is always the messenger of beauty, and ruby is the best guide to send wishes to others. Among the reds of ruby, the most valuable is the gemstone with the most intense color, known as "pigeon's blood".

Purchase notice
  • Grain size: The larger the ruby’s grain size, the higher its price.
  • Color: There are many colors of ruby, the best is darker pure red, followed by slightly purple red, the following is deeper pink, purple red, slightly brown red, others such as brown red, Dark reds and very light pinks are poor rubies. In addition, when observing the ruby ​​from the table, it is best to see only one color when rotating. If you can see other colors, it means that the orientation of the ruby ​​is incorrect during processing.
  • Fire: It is the color displayed on the front of the ruby ​​under the illumination of the light source. It is essentially a reflection of the comprehensive effect of the ruby’s transparency, cut, and color. When a good ruby ​​is gently rotated (the table faces It can be seen that there are many small red "fires" flashing inside. For high-quality rubies, the fire is required to account for more than 55% of the entire crown. 
  • Cracks: Since the cracks of rubies are more common, when choosing, you should try to choose rubies with few and fine cracks, especially rubies with cracks that pass through the center of the gemstone.