The cut of a diamond refers to the precision of its cut ratios and the perfection of the finish. A good cut should reflect the brilliance and fire of the diamond as much as possible, while maintaining the rough weight as much as possible. GIA cut grades from highest to lowest Excellent、Very Good、Good、Fair、Poor.


This includes all diamonds that do not meet general cut standards. These diamonds are cut either deep and narrow or shallow and wide to allow light to escape from the sides or bottom.


   A diamond cut with a roughness of 35% is still a high-quality diamond, but a diamond with a general cut does not reflect as much light as a G-cut diamond.


   Represents about 25% of the cut of a diamond. It is the diamond that reflects most of the light that goes into the interior of the diamond, which is much cheaper than the VG grade.


  Represents about 15% of the cut of a diamond. It can make the diamond reflect the light of the standard cut, but the price is slightly lower.


   Representing a standard that only 3% of top quality diamonds can achieve, this cut allows the diamond to reflect nearly all the light that enters the diamond, an elegant and outstanding cut.