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0.5 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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The 0.5 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Ring is a beautiful and ethical choice for those who value sustainability and eco-friendliness.

This ring features a lab-grown diamond weighing 0.5 carats, set in a halo of smaller diamonds. The lab-grown diamond has the same chemical and physical properties as a natural diamond, but without the environmental impact and ethical concerns associated with mining. The halo setting adds extra sparkle and dimension to the design, making it an eye-catching choice. This engagement ring is perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that reflects their values.


Diamond Type Lab Grown Diamond
Diamond Shape  Oval
Quantity 1
Min. Carat Weight 0.5ct 
Average Color D-F
Average Clarity     VVS-VS